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Universal passenger stairs designed per special request with a wider platform and roof to protect the aircraft entry from the environment. The platform is wide enough to open the aircraft door within its limits, making it possible for the bellow to seal the contact between the aircraft and the stairs. Towards the staircase the platform is closed with doors. The roof is equipped with large sliding windows for natural light and air circulation. The barrier is placed closer to the platform edge and extends over the whole width of the platform.

The FREELINE2438Pe, as an upgraded version of FREEWAY2438Pe, keeps all the advantages of the small and versatile passenger stairs, like the operator’s post on the platform and an electric drive with torque vectoring. The patented parallelogram staircase design with an inclination system provides the highest possible range of the platform. Stairs’ surfaces, well-lighted with the LED lights, provide pleasantly reassuring grip and are also very friendly to sensitive footwear, including the most delicate stilettos. The handrails are integrated into the sides. Sliding platform floor has no fixed connection to the rest of the platform, thus eliminating risk of damaging the aircraft. LCD display at the operating post offer an improved user interface with simple and intuitive controls and show all the relevant data about the current state of the stairs, instructions, information and diagnostics.

Modular concept of the stairs with a wide variety of options enables the product to be configured according to the customer’s requirements. The list of options to choose from includes a canopy, a diesel range extender, an auto-following system and assisted docking options, including ADPS according to IATA requirements. The customer can configure the stairs down to the colour according to the RAL chart and decide on its logos size and position.

The passenger stairs are a high-quality product by design as well as manufacturing, have the CE mark and comply to all the relevant EN standards and optionally IATA recommendations.

Oil free
Maintenance free
Electro solution
Self sufficient
Li-ion battery
Power battery
Electric drive
Range extender
Solar panels
ADPS (Aircraft damage prevention system)


Munich Airport (DE)
Hamburg Airport (DE)
Vagar Airport (FO)
Copenhagen Kastrup Airport (DK)
Angelholm Helsingborg Airport (SE)
Haugesund Karmoy Airport (NO)
Dortmund Airport (DE)
Hamburg Airport (DE)
Hannover Airport (DE)
Berlin Tegel Airport (DE)
Frankfurt Airport (DE)
Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (NL)
Stockholm Arlanda Airport (SE)
Sundsvall Timra Airport (SE)
Oslo Airport (NO)
Cote d'Azur Airport (FR)
Split Airport (HR)




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